QYC promotes and races one design boats. Racing one design fleets ensures that no competitor has an unfair advantage durring the race because all boats are alike and follow strict class rules. Other boats are welcome and we support handicap scoring for our mixed fleet. We also encourage the formation of new fleets provided at least three boats belong to that fleet. Each fleet has its own start during our Sunday racing series.

Day Sailer (Fleet 67)

QYC has one of the largest and most active Day Sailor fleets in New England. For many years Day Sailors have been one of the main pillars of sailing at the club with regular Sunday and Wednesday racing, and regional regattas. Members race both single and double handed.

The Day Sailor is a 17 foot Fiberglass boat with a stable, broad beam that invites families and beginning sailors of all ages. QYC’s fleet is made up of family crews, active singles and older sailors wanting to keep in the game. You will find brand-new sailors and experienced hands that will give you all the challenge on the course you could ask for.

QYC owns a couple of Day Sailors that members can use to explore whether it is the right boat for them.

Contact us if you’d like to speak to a member of the fleet.

Flying Scot (Fleet 187)

The Flying Scot was chosen because of the strong racing heritage and strict one-design rules. Strict one-design means that costly modifications are not required to make a used Scot competitive. Also, Flying Scot regattas tend to have from 20 to 50 competitors. Racing in a fleet this size gets your adrenalin pumping and helps to improve your skills. In addition, the Scot regattas tend to be great social events. New boats, used boats, parts, accessories, and other information are available from the builder, Flying Scot Inc. The Flying Scot Sailing Association also lists used boats and provides information about Flying Scot events. Both are good sites to get information about the Flying Scot. The sites also provide telephone numbers. Both the builder and the association are staffed and responsive to questions.

Laser Fleet

The Laser is a 14-foot, one-sail, single-person boat.  More Lasers have been built and sailed than any other type of sailboat in the world (well over 200,000.) The Laser is a strict one-design boat, which means that all races are tests of skill and not expensive equipment. Many of the world’s top sailors honed their skills Laser racing.

A Laser can carry one of three sails, a “Standard” rig, a “Radial” (an alternative for Master sailors [over 35], lighter woman and some adolescents), and a “4.7” youth sail.  It is an Olympic boat for men and woman. The QYC Laser fleet is a mix of standard and radial rigs; sailors from 18 to 61; women and men; beginners and experienced racers. The club owns four Lasers available for use by club members.

Lake Quannapowitt is a great place to learn the basics of Laser sailing and to develop your advanced boat handling and tactical sailing skills. The boat moves well in the moderate breezes of mid-summer and is thrilling on windy days. The local wind shifts and sea breeze help fine tune a total awareness of the racing environment.

And fellow Laser sailors are full of ideas and support.

The New England area (Laser District-7) has more registered Laser racers than any other in the US and offers many regattas during the summer months and “frostbite” sailing all winter. QYC Laser sailors compete in lake and ocean regattas from VT and NH, to RI and CT. The club hosts two regattas each year.

Members of the QYC Laser fleet are available to discuss Laser sailing with prospective sailors, and offer test sails to genuinely interested individuals.


The Cape Cod Mercury, a 15 foot boat, is a wonderful boat to learn to sail on, and ideal as a safe stable boat to build your sailing experience. QYC owns numerous Mercurys for the use of members and as instructional boats.

Every Sunday and many Wednesdays club members are out racing their Mercurys and enjoying the opportunity to improve their skills. Many members race these boats singlehanded when crew isn’t available and they find the boat forgiving, but instructive.

If you’re not sure what boat you’d like to sail, contact us and we will put you in touch with a Mercury sailor who can introduce you to this fun boat.