1. RULES: All races shall be conducted under the “Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2009-2012”, and the prescriptions of US SAILING. Except as either is modified by these Sailing Instructions, the applicable rules of each one-design class association, or the applicable rules of each one-design fleet.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: QYC events are open to any yacht meeting applicable fleet and class rules upon registration with the Race Committee.
  3. REGISTRATION: Registration for a series is accomplished by making known to the Race Committee your name, fleet, and sail number prior to the warning signal. Registering for a change in fleet status may also be accomplished the same way.
  4.   NOTICE TO COMPETITORS: Any change in these Racing Instructions will be posted 1/2 hour before the harbor start on the day it will take effect. All changes will be posted on the official notice board in the Clubhouse.
  5.   SIGNALS: Signals shall be displayed from the Race Committee Boat or, when flown on land, from the port halyard on the yardarm of the Club’s flagpole.
  6. THE START: Harbor start: Sundays at 1:30 P.M.; Wednesday Twilight at 6:20 P.M. Races will be started in accordance with RRS Rule 26, with the following exceptions:
  7. a) On Sundays:

1) Dingy start, and

2) Visual start shapes will only be used when requested by a racing participant and if race committee size permits.

  1. b) On Wednesdays:

1) Dingy start

2 no visual start shapes due to limited race committee size.


Dingy Start Sequence (using the Ollie Wallock Race Start Machine):

START THE TIMER 10 Count Internal Beep Indicate Start of Timer
Warning Blasts 5 Long Blasts at 1 second intervals Warning that sequence starts in 5 seconds
3 Minutes 3 Long Blasts on HORN 3 Minute Signal
2 Minutes 2 Long Blasts on HORN 2 Minute Signal
1:30 Minutes 1 Long Blast and 3 Short Blasts on HORN 1 ½ Minute Signal
1Minute 1 Long Blast on HORN 1 Minute Signal
0:30 Seconds 3 Short Blasts on HORN 30 Seconds to Start
0:20 Seconds 2 Short Blasts on HORN 20 Seconds to Start
0:10 Seconds 1 Short Blast on HORN 10 Seconds to Start
0:05 Seconds 5 Blasts on HORN – Countdown to START 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Second(s) to Start
START 1 Long Blast on HORN START
Next fleet starts using a continuation of the foregoing (less the warning).


Each fleet will have its own start if it averaged at least 3 starters the previous series. Otherwise a fleet starts with the Handicap fleet. Fleets with their own start will be posted on the bulletin board. Any fleet can petition the RC for their own start.

The starting sequence of the classes will be posted prior to the warning signal on the Committee Boat using white squares with class symbols. The starting sequence of classes is; Flying Scots, Lasers, DaySailer (DS), DaySailer Single-handed (DSS), Mercury (M), and Handicap (H). The Race Committee may combine starts at their discretion if there are too few yachts. If no yachts from a class are entered, that class will not be included in the starting sequence.

The races for any given day will be cancelled or postponed if the winds are consistently below 3 mph or consistently above 18 mph.

All yachts not starting or preparing to start must keep clear of the starting line or risk disqualification (DSQ).

The race committee will attempt to hail each yacht that is over the starting line before the start. However, it is the yacht’s responsibility to start properly.

  1.   STARTING AND FINISHING LINE: The starting line and the finishing line is between a staff on the Race Committee Boat from which an orange flag is displayed and the base of a staff on a buoy displaying a white flag.
  2.   RESTRICTION OF STARTING AND FINISHING LINES: When the orange pennant is flying any yacht crossing the starting line after starting correctly, or the finishing line except when finishing, will receive an automatic DSQ. All yachts after finishing must keep clear of the finishing area or risk DSQ.
  3. MARKS: The permanent marks are designated 1 though 7, and are large barrels painted white and blue. The temporary marks are designated A through D, and are orange balls with black letters. Temporary marks will be placed at the discretion of the Race Committee in the general areas as follows:

Mark A Between 1 and the North dock Mark B Between 3 and 4

Mark C Between 4 and 5 Mark D Between 5 and 6

  1. OBSTRUCTION: a white and red striped barrel will mark an obstruction off Cemetery Point. No yachts shall pass between this mark and the western shore. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC DSQ. There is no penalty for touching the obstruction mark when passing it on the correct side. All yachts must treat it as an obstruction for the purpose of applying the RRS rules.
  2. THE COURSE: The course pattern will be posted on the board located on the forward end of the Race Committee station. When the permanent marks, with or without the temporary marks, are used for the course, a red square with a white number or letter requires that all yachts will, when rounding the mark indicated, keep it on the port side of the yacht, while a green square with a white number or letter requires that all yachts will, when rounding the mark indicated, keep it on the starboard side of the yacht.

A black square with a white letter R requires that all yachts repeat the marks posted above it. Marks posted below the R must be honored as posted.

Alternate courses are described in Appendix 1.

  1. TIME LIMIT: Time limit for each race will be 1.5 hours. Any yachts not finishing within 30 minutes of the first yacht to finish can be scored as the average finishing place of the yachts that have not yet finished.
  2. PROTESTS AND ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES: Any yacht having cause to protest shall promptly hail the protested yacht and inform the Race Committee at the finish line. Protests, submitted on forms available at the Club, shall be presented to the Race Committee within 30 minutes of their arrival at the Club dock after the race, or they will not be accepted. Protest hearings will generally be on the same day following the deadline for filing protests. The 360 turn penalty of RRS 44.2 will apply. A yacht that has accepted an alternative penalty should so report to the Race Committee at the first opportunity after finishing, and provide the sail number of the yacht infringed.

A yacht touching any mark of the course while racing shall get well clear of other yachts as soon as possible and make one 360 degree turn, RRS 31.2.

A yacht rounding or passing a mark on the wrong side must correct this error before finishing as required by RRS 28.1.

  1. SCORING: Each yacht shall score 1 point for first, 2 points for second, 3 points for third, etc. Penalty scoring is as follows:

DNS did not start; ready to start Scores 1 more than the # of starters for the day.

OCS Over early; was on the course side before horn Scores 1 more than the # of starters for the day.

DNF Did not finish Scores 1 more than the # of starters for the day.

DSQ Disqualification Scores 1 more than the # of starters for the day.

RAF Retired after finishing Scores 1 more than the # of starters for the day.

DNC Did Not Come to QYC (absent) Scores 1 more than the # of starters in the series. Only boats that start in at least 40 % of the races run in a series will be counted as starters.

Exceptions to this rule (BYES) are covered under Item 16 of these sailing instructions.

Each yacht’s series score will be the sum of her points for all races held. A yacht will exclude her worst score or scores as covered under Item 17. The series score for each yacht will be the sum of her final series scores, as described in RRS Appendix A.

  1. SAIL NUMBERS: All yachts shall have proper identifying numbers affixed to their sails. Any yacht not meeting this requirement may not be scored. Unless prior permission of the Race Committee is obtained, no duplicate numbers will be scored.
  2. BYES: The Race Committee encourages participation in regattas outside QYC, such as regional, national, or international regattas. A limited number of BYES will be granted to such participants. Competitors must notify the Race Committee in writing at least one week before the event that the competitor intends to enter.BYE scores will be the average of all races, after throw outs, of each yacht’s performance over the series. During the course of each series, an individual may be limited to a total of BYES not to exceed two race days. BYEs will be used for performing on the QYC Race Committee station or rescue craf
  3. THROW-OUTS: In the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Twilight series, throw-outs will be determined according to the following schedule, using the number of official races completed by the Race Committee.

Number of Races: 1-7 8-11 12-15

Throw-outs: 0 1 2

  1. AWARDS: For the Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Fall, and Twilight series, awards will be given in each fleet in each series in which the fleet average is at least 2.5 finishers.

For each series, a maximum of four awards will be given in any fleet. The table below shows the number of awards based on the average number of finishers in each fleet.


Finishers: Awards: 2.5 – 4.0
4.1 – 5.4
5.5 – 6.4


>6.5 4


  1. SAFETY EQUIPMENT: All yachts shall have a US Coast Guard approved lifejacket for each person aboard at all times. A throw able flotation device such as a buoyant cushion is also required to be aboard at all times. These are subject to inspection by the Race Committee at any time. The following safety equipment is also recommended: (a) whistle; (b) adequate towline; (c) adequate bailing device; (d) anchor; and (e) paddle.
  2. FLOATATION: Yachts must be able to swamp without sinking.
  3. RACE INSTRUCTIONS: Each yacht should carry a copy of these instructions for reference.


Appendix 1

Alternate Course Descriptions


Olympic courses will be posted by using standard course colored numbers and letters. Any marks including temporary marks will be used for these courses.

Course W = Windward leeward = A, C, Finish.

Course T = Triangle = A, B, C, Finish.

Course O = Olympic = Triangle, Windward Leeward = A, B, C, A, C, Finish.

All roundings are to port.

The letters used to describe the courses in these drawings are for reference only. They are not meant to correspond to any numerals or letters that might be affixed to marks on the water.